Notre Dame Burns, Unlikely to be an Accident

As Catholics, we enter Holy Week (after a long Lent of fasting, prayer and almsgiving) and approach the Triduum, the high point of our liturgical season . . . as Notre Dame, perhaps the most recognized Catholic Church in the world, is burned to the ground.

Notre Dame means Our Lady, referring to Mary, the Blessed Mother, OUR Mother, the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, my biggest intercessory prayer warrior in Heaven AND my biggest comfort on earth. . . and I would like to believe this fire was part of a renovation and an accident, but I am not naive. I know the Catholic Church is persecuted all around the world. I know Catholics are tortured and killed because of their faith daily. . . and just because mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it and would prefer to disproportionately attack the Church for her sins rather than acknowledge her suffering, does not mean only the latter exists . In fact, for months, Catholic Churches in France have been attacked and our most precious holy items have been desecrated and destroyed.

The Church (we are the Church) is being persecuted and if you are outside of Her and want to throw stones, mock Her, and act like Her suffering is invisible or (even worse) deserved, you are THERE crucifying the living body of Christ. Sometimes it causes me to wonder, wonder, wonder . . .

Thankfully, if this Holy Week (like the original Holy Week) teaches us anything, it is that we will rise again. And it’s that there’s no Easter Sunday (resurrection) without a Good Friday (crucifixion).

@ Paris Notre Dame Cathedral


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